Ukrainian security officials decided to “tighten the noose” around Donetsk

Ukrainian security officials decided to “tighten the noose” around Donetsk

The armed forces of Ukraine (APU) was given the task to “tighten the noose” around Donetsk — the capital of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic. On this edition of “Stranja” I reported a source in the ranks of the APU.

The evening of 20 may, Ukrainian security forces attempted to attack the positions of DPR fighters in the outskirts of the settlement Gorlovka. In the press center of operations of the combined forces (OOS — replaced the anti-terrorist operation (ATO)) to Facebook appeared information that the Ukrainian military had three fighters DND captured, one was killed.

In Donetsk, information about the capture of its soldiers confirmed, but stressed that in the battle killed several Ukrainian military. In the press center of OOS argue that losses among Ukrainian law enforcers no.

Senior staff officer at HSE said that Gorlovka is considered the command as the most profitable focus for “tightening the loop” around Donetsk. “Gorlovka is surrounded by the heights of the best, including in the village of South. The one who owns the reference positions at these heights, in fact, owns the town. They easily sweep the entire city. Therefore, if the heights around Gorlovka are under Mat, very Gorlovka separatists (as in Kiev called supporters of the Donetsk and Lugansk national republics — approx. “Of the”) will surrender without a fight,” he said.