Near the Russian base “Hamim” shot down unidentified drone

Near the Russian base “Hamim” shot down unidentified drone

MOSCOW — RIA Novosti. Unidentified drone approaching c the onset of the dark time of day Monday to the Russian air base “Hamim” in Syria, a spokesman for the base.

“Twenty-first may, with the onset of night time means of control of the airspace of the Russian air base Hamim away from the airfield were found small aerial target unknown origin (UAV)”, — stated in the message.

Added that “the staff of anti-aircraft firepower of the Russian airbase aerial target was destroyed.”

“Victims or material damage. Russian airbase Hamim” functioning as planned”, — said the representative of the Russian airbase Hamim.

Earlier, the defense had already managed to prevent a drone strike on Russian military installations in Syria. So, on April 24 Hamim attacked small UAVs, they destroyed the regular anti-aircraft means.

On the night of 6 January, the military knocked out 13 drones fighters who were supposed to deliver the bomb to the base Hamim and in the point of logistics of the Navy in Tartus.

Later, the defense Ministry said that the engineering solutions used by terrorists when attacking, can only develop a country with “high technological opportunities to provide satellite navigation”.

It was also reported that the bomb, attached to a small UAV was used fuses foreign production.