Kudrin said the unknown details of his work in the Yeltsin administration

Kudrin said the unknown details of his work in the Yeltsin administration

The candidate for the Chairman of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin said that his contacts among officials and the business will not prevent him to perform the duties of the head of the control Department.

At the meeting of the rules Committee of the state Duma, Kudrin spoke about his work in the control and management of the head of state when the President was Boris Yeltsin.

“Of course, movies. You have to be quite strict in the implementation of its requirements”, — Kudrin said (quoted by TASS). “When I came in 1996 from St. Petersburg and became the chief of the control Directorate of the President, the transparency — that was not very accepted in our country. Was untouchable on the checks, — said Kudrin. — Then we opened the opportunity, conducted inspections of the Ministry of interior and Ministry of defense.”

“Then the results of these tests were kept secret and had the character of state secrets on a number of issues, but now time has passed and I can say that as a result of check in the interior 40 of the generals was dismissed or demoted,” — said Kudrin.

So he answered the question of deputies, whether to manage the accounts chamber, if the test will affect his former colleagues.

Kudrin’s candidacy for appointment as Chairman of the accounting chamber submitted to the state Duma by President Vladimir Putin. Kudrin informed the nomination to this post was supported by the Duma faction “United Russia”.

Kudrin was the head of the main control Directorate — Deputy head of the presidential administration, from August 1996 to March 1997, he Then moved to government and became first Deputy Finance Minister and then — Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Kudrin is now directs the Center for strategic research.