Japan will launch a pink train with Hello Kitty

Japan will launch a pink train with Hello Kitty

It will be possible not only to quickly reach the destination, but also buy Souvenirs and take a selfie in a special photo zones.

Western railway of Japan introduced new high-speed train, which will take place almost throughout the country. But the most unusual is that the structure is thematic — it is dedicated to a famous Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty.

There’s now a Hello Kitty-themed bullet train which gets you to your final destination – Hell – in just 37 minutes. https://t.co/yvCada7BiD pic.twitter.com/knEyoITGgh

— Tim Callanan (@MrTimCallanan) May 21, 2018

Run pink train with a kitten will begin on 30 June 2018. The railroad lifted the veil of secrecy and showed how will look the cars of the new “cartoon” train.

Hello Kitty bullet train to debut in Japan on June 30 https://t.co/gqTQYO8RLI pic.twitter.com/IiR10EWJIa

— The Japan Times (@japantimes) May 19, 2018

First, the main color scheme will be pink. There will be images of Hello Kitty. In addition, in one of the cars called Hello! Plaza will be located gift shop, entertainment area and a photo zone, where everyone will be able to make selfi on the memory.

During the stop instead of the usual alarm will sound song from the cartoon.

While the Japanese have only provided the layouts of the train, but in the coming weeks I plan to publish some real pictures.

Hello Kitty Shinkansen looks set to be the cutest Japanese ever train with special kawaii interiors

JR West has finally revealed what the new bullet train will look like inside. #hellokitty #shinkansen #kawaii #jrwest #japan #travel #therealjapanhttps://t.co/pvgxUkcyaZ pic.twitter.com/VPhxy6GVLc

— The Real Japan (@TheRealJapan1) May 21, 2018