Hermitage said claim to 856 million rubles in the case of former Deputy Minister of culture

Hermitage said claim to 856 million rubles in the case of former Deputy Minister of culture

MOSCOW, may 22 — RIA Novosti. Hermitage said the compensation claim of more than 856 million rubles in the case of former Deputy Minister of culture Grigory Pirumov, told RIA Novosti lawyer Natalya shatikhina, representing the interests of the Museum.

“The Hermitage was acquainted with the resolution on the recognition of his victims… we had exercised their procedural right to file a civil lawsuit to defendants in the amount of advances is not going to build, and actually sputtered between group companies for their theft. The price of the claim is more than 856 million rubles, which was previously established through the arbitration of the case,” she said.

The counsel sees reason to believe that a significant amount of property that can cover to a large extent indebted to the Hermitage, was placed on a number of fictitious transactions in 2016-2017 after the initiation of the first criminal case.

Together with law enforcement agencies we have the opportunity to repair the damage by foreclosure on the assets of the defendants. It seems to me that this development should be not the exception but a natural progression. The situation when the budget has infinitely dofinansirovat construction, while the perpetrators feel financially comfortable, in my opinion, needs to change, although for a number of reasons to achieve it it is uneasy.Natalia Athinagoras

She noted the commitment to the humanization of criminal law and decrease of the repressive bias in justice, but believes that involved in the theft of a person must either fully compensate the damage and to bear a large financial burden, or to serve significant terms of imprisonment.

On Friday, may 18, Basmanny court of Moscow satisfied the petition of the investigation and sent under arrest of the former Deputy Minister of culture Grigory Pirumov, this time he is accused of embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the reconstruction of the Hermitage. According to the investigation, the amount missing is at least 450 million rubles, but the exact amount of the stolen money remains to be seen how and to find new defendants in the case. He Pirumov argues that the contract for the renovation was awarded by electronic auction, and it could not affect him.

Pirumov already has a criminal record for theft, last October Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow appointed him to 1.5 years of colony on resonance “case restorers”, but immediately released because this time the former official has already spent in jail during the investigation phase. The court found, “the conservators,” led by Pirumova stole more than 100 million rubles on the restoration projects of the Novodevichy convent in Moscow Museum of cosmonautics in Kaluga and other objects.