Bear “helped” to be lost in the Kuzbass taiga young people

Bear “helped” to be lost in the Kuzbass taiga young people

KEMEROVO, may 21 — RIA Novosti. In the Kemerovo region successfully ended the operation to search for two lost in the forest while collecting wild garlic young people who were able to call for help when he climbed a tree to escape the bear, informs the regional Glaucus Ministry of internal Affairs.

According to authorities, around midnight (Sunday 20.00 GMT) in another part of the Department of the Affairs of the city Berezovsky, it was reported that in the forest lost 15-the summer teenager together with his 20-year-old man. Police learned that the day the young people went to the forest to collect wild garlic.

When it got dark, they realized that they don’t know the way back. Mobile communication in the taiga did not work. In addition, in a forest they met a bear, hiding from of which, climbed the tree. It is at the height of a teenager discovered that it has the ability to make a call, and he reported the incident to emergency services.The interior Ministry

The alarm was raised, the entire staff of the police, to search attracted local hunters and volunteers. The operation was complicated by the fact that the search area was very broad: berezovoye was unable to name the exact spot where they disappeared, only explained that he had entered the forest from the turn of the road to Mariinsk. In addition, the police never managed to get in touch with them — phone boys was disabled.

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Police broke the territory into conditional squares, scoured the forest, regularly finding traces of the bear’s paw, put the edge of the taiga company cars, included the signal-speaking device and flashing beacons.

“Search-and-rescue operation, which involved dozens of people, lasted all night. Around 8.00 (4.00 MSK) missing managed to get out of the thicket near the village Andreevka. A night in the woods, they have not suffered warming themselves at the fire, ate found wild garlic, they slept in turns,” said the Agency.