The NYT called those who helped the team trump to win the election in 2016

The NYT called those who helped the team trump to win the election in 2016

Team US President Donald trump three months before the presidential election in 2016, appealed for help to the emissary of the Arab princes George Kick, an Israeli expert on manipulation in the media Joel will Tamely and investor-Republican Eric Prince. This publication reports The New York Times, citing sources.

According to the newspaper, at a joint meeting attended by the eldest son of the American President Donald trump, Jr. “Emissary George Nader stated Donald Trump, Jr., that the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE is ready to offer his father’s victory in the presidential election. Media specialist Joel Zamel touted the capabilities of its firms to provide the benefits of a political campaign,” the newspaper reported. According to sources, trump Jr. endorsed the proposals of the participants.

The newspaper also said that Mr. Samela worked several former Israeli intelligence officers. The company specialized in gathering information and shaping public opinion through the media. It is noted that some firms Joel Semele “had links with Russia.” Oleg Deripaska and Dmitry Rybolovlev allegedly approached him to create online campaigns against business competitors.

Recall, 17 may marks a year since spectracolor USA Robert Mueller began an investigation of a possible Russian intervention in the US presidential election in 2016.

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Even Donald trump.

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