Royal wedding: the dress Megan all the details

Royal wedding: the dress Megan all the details

Long waiting behind, and finally the world saw the wedding dress Megan Markle. To the last the name of the designer was kept a closely guarded secret. The audience saw a wedding dress when Megan at noon got out of the limo on the steps of the chapel of St. George. White dress with boat neckline is a creation by British designer Clare waight Keller’s first creative Director-women French fashion house Givenchy.


Designer Clare waight Keller became the first woman to be appointed creative Director for house of Givenchy in 2017, and earlier this year he presented his first spring / summer collection.

Meghan Markle met Claire only this year, selecting it as a designer, as noted by the press service of Kensington Palace, for its “elegant and timeless style, impeccable tailoring, and modest demeanor”.

To Givenchy Claire Keller has worked as a creative Director in the world-famous fashion brands Pringle of Scotland and Chloé.

The bodice

The minimalistic design of this white dress features a boat neckline frames the shoulders and is cinched at the waist Megan, and cropped three quarter sleeves.

Graceful dress “Haute couture” is made of double-layered silk with a petticoat made of three-ply silk organza.

The neckline of the dress Megan is very different from the triangular or V-shaped, which, as we remember, was in a wedding dress at the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

Megan was a five-meter veil of white silk covering her face. The veil — floral pattern, representing all 53 countries in the British Commonwealth of Nations.

The bride herself has offered this design since the Commonwealth countries will be the main on what will focus them with Prince Harry charity.

Couturier had to spend a lot of time to explore the flora for each member of the Commonwealth countries, and choose those flowers that are unique to each of them.

Megan has also added to design wedding veils two of his favorite flower — Samotsvet (himavant precocious) growing in the garden of Kensington Palace, and California poppy (acholla), growing in the state, where she hails from.

Seamstresses have spent hundreds of hours rasseva veil in silk thread and organza and regularly with my hands every 30 minutes so as not to get a delicate product.

In General, the style of wedding veils Megan is like that, who was the wife of Prince William Kate a fluid, soft silk with a border of hand-embroidered flowers.

As noted by Welsh designer David Emanuel, who invented the wedding dress for Diana, Princess of Wales, is a very smart move by Megan to include in the design veils flowers of the Commonwealth countries.

“I think Diana would have approved,” he said about the dress Megan.


Veil Megan was holding rounded diamond tiara of Queen Mary (grandmother of Queen Elizabeth), which in this case gave her to wear Queen Elizabeth. It was made in England in 1932.

In the center of the tiara is a removable brooch of 10 diamonds made in 1893.

The tiara was made especially for Queen Mary to place on it as the main decoration of this rare brooch, which she received as a Princess on the eve of her wedding with Prince George, Duke of York.

Megan Markle also had earrings and a bracelet of the famous French jewellery and watch company Cartier.

Unlike the Duchess of Cambridge, who received from Queen Elizabeth for temporary use on wedding tiara by Cartier in 1936, the year “Halo” and left her hair down, Megan gathered the hair into a bun.

Styling done to her hairstylist Serge Norman and makeup — her longtime PAL, makeup artist Daniel Martin.


Prince Harry’s own hand picked some of the flowers on the private lawn of Kensington Palace to add something in the Bridal bouquet, which gathered the florist Philippa Craddock.

The bouquet of forget-me-nots attended the favorite flowers of the mother of Prince Harry Diana, and they were specifically included in the bouquet in memory of the late Princess.

The composition of the bouquet also included sweet peas, lilies of the valley, astilba, Jasmine, astrantsiya, sprigs of Myrtle — and it was all tied up with a ribbon made of raw silk.

Florist from London Philippa Craddock also created a floral ensemble for the decoration of the chapel of white garden roses, peonies, digitalis, twigs of birch, beech and hornbeam.

Craddock opened my own business 9 years ago and during that time participated in the decoration of the Victoria and albert Museum, Kensington Palace, HAMPTON court, and has also worked for such fashion brands as Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior.

Meghan Markle on his now compromised, account on “Instagram” earlier wrote that the peonies make it “immensely happy”. Soon after she began to meet with Prince Harry, she placed it on a photo of a bouquet of pink and white peonies.


Wedding shoes — this is a copy of classic design Givenchy silk satin-Duchess, somewhat modified due to the elongated toe.

Sarah McAlpine of Elle magazine said this dress is absolutely in her [Megan] style: “she always had a pretty simple style, in the sense that it is simple, but refined”,

When she noted that Ms. Markle has made an unconventional choice by electing the house of Givenchy, which was quite progressive and one of the first brought on the catwalk models with different skin color.

Fashion industry experts also note that the wedding dress Megan refers to the early years of the fashion house Givenchy when one of his favorite clients were Audrey Hepburn, known for its unique elegance and the classic style silhouettes.

“Real women look at this dress and you will understand that here it is — the quintessence of chic and at the same time, understated wedding dresses,” says jade beer, editor of BRIDES magazine (“the Bride).

What put Prince Harry?

Both Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge was in the uniform of the composite regiment of the Royal horse guards.

Queen Elizabeth personally gave permission to Prince Harry to get married in this uniform.

Both uniform stitched by the tailors of London’s Savile row, Dege & Skinner, which specializes in sewing military uniforms.