Meghan Markle was caught swearing during a wedding

Meghan Markle was caught swearing during a wedding

The spectators of the marriage ceremony of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle noticed that, driving in a carriage through the gate, the bride swore.


According to some viewers, she said the word fuck.

“I swear I just saw Megan said fuck in the back seat of the carriage when she drove through that gate,” writes one of the spectators. It was supported by other users.

Probably the Duchess of Sussex actually said Wow, seeing how many people came to greet her, writes the Daily Mail.

the daily mail have turned your tweet into an article!!!

— Faye Ellaby (@fellaby) may 20, 2018

Marriage of Markle and Prince Harry took place on 19 may. The ceremony was held at St George’s chapel at Windsor castle in the presence of 600 guests, thousands of Britons gathered at the castle to watch the arrival of the tuples of the Royal family.

The wedding was attended by the ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry Chelsea Davy. The look on her face during the ceremony went on memes.