Blog Krechetnikov. As a married Russian tsars-tsars

Blog Krechetnikov. As a married Russian tsars-tsars

To Peter the Lord of Muscovy, contrary to the famous song, and the power was excessive, and married, more or less, for love. Then everything became “like men”.

Prince Harry and his brother Prince William — the first generation of Windsor, freely chosen companions.

Before kings, as sung in the famous song, could almost all but one: to marry for love. Then stopped to decide the fate of the Earth and subjects, but received in return personal freedom.

But the Russian tsars before Peter I and the power he had, and married, more or less, for love.

All zero

The concept of kin equality in the Royal marriage Moscow Russia was not and could not be, because the face of the earth deities were considered slaves.

The Emperor could choose any of the subjects would be healthy, virtuous, and religious “strong to the king of joy”.

Of course, the peasant kings not married, but the identity of the bride to the “seedy” noble family was considered rather as a virtue.

It happened that monarchs, especially the young, chose spouses not on their own, but under the pressure of family and environment, but this is dependent on hardness.

Casting brides

According to the ritual, instituted by the father of Ivan the terrible Vasily III, everything was done right.

Was published the decree: the Emperor want to marry. In the cities and villages went home empowered to conduct local reviews of girls of suitable age to select a worthy.

In 1647, when Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich were entered in the first marriage, in Moscow it is delivered about two hundred candidates.

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Elderly boyar the results of the examination were left of them when 12, when 24.

And there came a day when the king with the ring and the handkerchief — a symbol of a married woman — went before the row of terrified, tense the girls: “now, now… the Queen or to the monastery!”.

Yes, all rejected candidates as included in “short-list” and not have reached this stage, waiting for the monk. To give an ordinary person who had been a Royal bride, would be an insult to Majesty.

Therefore, parents in the field behave differently: some were trying to push for the competition of the sick and ugly daughters, other suitable hid. Both were punished by reference to the whole family.

Particularly cruel looks custom tailored to what the king, of course, often knew in advance who will choose.

Family of “miss Russia” to complain of destiny was not necessary.

First unknown the Romanovs have made it big in life by marriage Queen Anastasia Ivan the Terrible. In the XVII century shamelessly enough posts and stuffed his pockets Saltykova, Streshneva, Miloslavskii, the Naryshkins.

Champions Of Europe

Ivan is in many aspects compare with earlier lived English king Henry VIII. In particular, the number of wives: six!

Unlike Henry, Ivan razonravilos husband was sent to the block, and to the monastery. However, Henry did not had this opportunity, since abolished in their country monasteries with the Catholic religion.

Orthodoxy allows married three times, so that the last marriages of Ivan was, in the words of a modern historian Andrei Burovskii, spitting in the face of others. But by the time the others have long grown out to ask the king questions.

Each time everything was done as it should be: a review of brides, ritual with the ring and the handkerchief, wedding.

Three of the first wife of Grozny has died. There were the usual order of time talking about the poisoning, but without serious reason.