Wedding traditions of the British Royal family

Wedding traditions of the British Royal family

The Royal wedding is a huge interest of the world community. Representatives of the Royal family honored tradition observed for many decades.


In accordance with the Act of Royal marriages 1772, members of the Royal family had to seek the written consent of the reigning monarch at the wedding.

In 2013, the rule was abolished. According to the Law on succession to the throne (2013), only the first six heirs to the throne must receive permission from the reigning monarch to the marriage. If the marriage will take place notwithstanding the refusal, the member of the Royal family loses the right to claim the throne.

According to the Act of succession in 1701, members of the Royal family was allowed marriages only with the representatives of the Anglican faith (the monarch is the head of the Anglican Church). After changing the rules of succession in the 2013 future monarchs were allowed to marry Catholics.

The process begins with the announcement of the engagement. The future spouses are holding a press conference and give a joint interview, where they talk about themselves.

Traditionally a wedding ceremony on the Royal wedding does the most senior Bishop of the Church in England, Archbishop of Canterbury.

The bride and groom give each other the vows from the Book of common prayer of 1662.

During the wedding ceremony members of the Royal family should be on the right side, if the groom does not have Royal blood, then left.

The ceremony is held in the first half of the day. She invited members of the Royal family, honeymooners, friends, other leaders, Church representatives and well-known cultural figures. Traditionally, the ceremony marks national anthem of UK “God save the King/Queen” (God Save the King/Queen).

After the ceremony the wedding procession passes through the streets of Windsor. Couple riding in horse-drawn carriage, followed by other family members in the ceremonial carriages. The next step — wedding Breakfast, where invited guests of the ceremony. Light snacks and desserts. In the evening there is the second reception — a festive Banquet for family members and close friends.

Make sure to do the official wedding photos for couples. The founders of this tradition was king Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. In the early twentieth century produced postcards with portraits of members of the Royal family, which were very popular among the population.