The era of disposable things: why is everything so fast breaks

The era of disposable things: why is everything so fast breaks

The idea that the manufacturer is primarily concerned about you — utopia. This is similar to how a farmer cares for the young bulls Angus before slaughter.

In interesting time we live in. Clothing, appliances, furniture deteriorate much faster than eating in fast food restaurants. This was confirmed by two Australians, who for 20 years kept the Burger from McDonald’s. And during this time he has not changed. Everything is broken not only for mere mortals. So on the way to the U.S. Embassy in Rome broke down limousine of US President George Bush at the premiere of “Beowulf” in London, Angelina Jolie popped a stitch on the trousers, the king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul Aziz al Saud on arrival in Russia broke the Golden ladder.

To constant failures we have become accustomed and condescending, but in old times the marriage was seriously punished. In ancient Babylon could be executed in America in the eighteenth century, tied to the pillory, in tsarist Russia — to beat with a whip or send to prison. In Soviet times, bungler was threatened with prison term from 5 to 8 years.

Today nowhere in the world except France and Italy for a deliberate reduction in the quality of the products are not punished.

Therefore, producers in this sin did not earn. But it was not always so and many of us remember how the same refrigerator “ZIL” decades working in the country, and a tape recorder “Comet” is not so easy to send an electronic Valhalla. Not far behind, manufacturers and abroad. For example, jeep Toyota LandCruser 80 the life of the engine was about 500 000 km, and at the firehouse American city Livermore light bulb continuously lit for over 100 years. By the way, it is possible to observe on the webcam in real time.

Such durability is now a rarity: the manufacturer need his products to be bought more often. When the market is constantly expanding — problems with the sale was not, but over time, sales have slowed, and the shareholders demanding more profit. Here marketers have to resort to little tricks.

Toothpaste increased the hole in advertising Alka-Seltzer was dissolved two tablets instead of one that raised sales several times.

Water filters and shaver provided an indicator of the resource which is pushing for more frequent replacement of the blocks. Potato began to paint in the color of potato peelings to Housewives due to carelessness threw them out along with the waste. A scoop in the washing powder consumption is increased 3 times. There are many things disposable: lenses, razor, diaper, dishes, grill, towel, etc.

Manufacturers have realized that the main thing — to put the consumer on your product, and then gradually pull money. No sooner said than done. Xbox, Sony Playstation began to sell almost at cost, and make money by selling games, because consumers are not going anywhere. So do the Chinese manufacturers of budget smartphones and printers, selling products at the lowest price. Automakers earn on average $200-300 from the vehicle, and the greater part of their income from service. Two-thirds of the profit aircraft Corporation also earn on the service. The truth is not always everything runs smoothly.

For example, a service company Lufthansa technik spoils the whole raspberries Boeing, capturing contracts for maintenance of their aircraft.

Vehicle manufacturers and technology the raspberries nobody messes except for isolated cases, therefore, at the time of warranty service of the customer may even need to squeeze all the juice. Voluntarily consumers don’t like to part with their money, and manufacturers are forced to resort to the following tricks:

1. To make the parts more expensive. This eliminates the possibility of buying a single component: in the Assembly only with the more expensive item. Shattered glass on your phone replaced only with the screen. The fuel filter in the car is only sold with the fuel pump, the little bushing in the Assembly only with shock absorber, a cheap fuse changes with the control unit. Broke detail for 30 rubles, sorry, but it can be replaced in the Assembly only with expensive component for 1500 rubles. And it’s not going anywhere.

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2. To complicate the repair. The work is conducted in several directions. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of repair outside the brand service center and hinder the access details to increase complexity of work. For this fit the non-separable case design or the use of screws with unique head pattern that will be hard to find screwdriver. It will be useful to prevent the spread of instructions on repair and maintenance of equipment as do Toshiba and Apple. Another popular application in phone glue instead of screws to secure the battery or screen, which complicates the repair. In the Citroen or Peugeot to replace the bulbs in the headlights need to remove the bumper. The replacement of candles in a Vase takes about 10 minutes, and some Saab models this is necessary to remove the engine.

3. To accelerate wear. Aerobatics is when the damage starts right after the warranty period in the product. Manufacturers have even introduced such a position as specialist in the parameterization. His task is to make the design such changes so that the unit is guaranteed to be out of order after the warranty period. And this must be done very carefully, without harming the reputation of the manufacturer. Examples for all to see. The wire from the charging frays within a few months. The BMW M5 power more than 500 HP in gear box friction disks are made of compressed cardboard. In the printers put the chip stops printing after a predetermined number of sheets, although the ink may still remain. To reduce the service life of batteries, computer chips, screens quite a bit to increase tension.