Putin promised Merkel to continue the transit of gas via Ukraine after the launch of Nord Stream 2

Putin promised Merkel to continue the transit of gas via Ukraine after the launch of Nord Stream 2

Moscow. May 18. INTERFAX.RU Russian gas Transit through Ukraine will continue if it is economically feasible, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I want to emphasize that the supply will be continued if they are economically justified and appropriate for participants in economic activities,” he said Friday at a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Mekel.

The President noted that Russia has always considered the “Nord stream 2” as a purely economic project, adding that he had discussed with the Chancellor the whole range of joint work in the energy sector.

On its part, Merkel said: “We are convinced by Germany, and after the construction of the “Nord stream 2″ the role of Ukraine as a transit country should be maintained. It is of strategic importance, and Germany is ready to play its part and assist. We need to think about guarantees for Ukraine as well”.

In addition, the Chancellor called for further dialogue with Tehran according to the program of ballistic missiles after a withdrawal from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program the United States.

For his part, Putin said that Moscow and Berlin will contribute to the political settlement in Syria.

“Stated that the need to work together to contribute both to the process of political settlement, including the Geneva and Astana, and in the stabilization of the situation on the ground, in providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria,” said Putin after talks. According to him, Moscow notes the “desire of Germany to be seriously involved in rebuilding socio-economic infrastructure of Syria.”

He added that he exchanged with Merkel’s views “on the aggravated situation in the middle East”.

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