Germany have uncovered the reason for actively blocking US “Northern stream-2”

Germany have uncovered the reason for actively blocking US “Northern stream-2”

Lock project “Northern stream-2” does not guarantee US an increase in sales of U.S. liquefied natural gas, the cost of which is higher than the price of fuel flowing through the pipelines. On Friday, may 18, said the Minister of economy and energy in Germany Peter Altmaier, according to Reuters.

The United States have an extensive infrastructure of terminals for liquefied natural gas, which they must use to their advantage, he said.

“But liquefied natural gas would be considerably more expensive than the gas supplied via pipelines, so lock the “Nord stream-2″ by itself will not guarantee exports,” said Altmaier.

“US — our friends and partners, but we want to protect our common values,” — said the Minister. If Washington says that puts its economic interests in first place, he should expect that the Europeans will do the same, he added.

May 17, the US said that “Nord stream-2” threatens Europe’s energy security and can fall under us sanctions. Germany insists that the project is purely economic in nature. While Berlin is considered important to maintain the supply of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine.

During a meeting in April, the President of the United States Donald trump tried to convince German Chancellor Angela Merkel to abandon support of the project of construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

“Nord stream-2” project of a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany that would connect the two countries across the Baltic sea. The total capacity of the project is estimated at 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The pipeline is scheduled for 2019.

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