What will be discussed in Sochi, Putin and Merkel

What will be discussed in Sochi, Putin and Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives on a visit to Sochi, where she will hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. On the agenda — Iran, Syria and Ukraine. All these questions are important for both sides, especially in the context of increasing US pressure on the EU. What to expect from the negotiations, says “Газета.Ru”.

May 18, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet with Vladimir Putin in Sochi. On the eve of the visit, she told reporters that he plans to discuss with Russian President key issues on the international agenda: “I will speak with Russian President [Vladimir Putin] about the agreement with Iran, about Syria and about the situation in Ukraine”, — said the Chancellor of Germany.

Today, the fate of the Iran nuclear deal was crucial for Germany, which, like all leading European countries opposed the US withdrawal from the agreement. The Berlin accepted the decision of the American President Donald trump has particularly negative, since Germany was the main foreign investor in Iran — it accounts for 60% of the EU investments.

Russia takes a similar position on Iran, and this brings the two countries, despite the existing sanctions. It should be noted that Merkel’s visit to Russia takes place after the EU summit in Bulgaria, where European leaders also discussed the fate of the agreement. To find a way out of the current situation is difficult, as the US has threatened major European companies with sanctions if they continue to work in Iran.

In addition to the fate of investment in Iranian projects, Germany is worried about the future of a major gas project “North stream — 2”, which also threaten the United States.

As previously wrote the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, during the recent visit of Angela Merkel in Washington, US President Donald trump asked her to abandon support for the gas project.

“Trump asked Merkel to abandon support for the “Nord stream — 2″”. In exchange, the United States will begin negotiations on a new trade agreement with the EU”, — reports the edition with reference to the officials of Germany, the US and the EU. In addition, in American political circles claim that if Europe will not resolve trade issues with the United States, since June 1, she will face import duties on steel and aluminum.

In the history already there were precedents when Germany faced the United States — for example, in matters of trade with the Soviet Union. In the 1970-ies Washington actively tried to prevent so-called transaction “gas-pipes”, involving the delivery of German large-diameter pipes in exchange for gas. Then the deal failed to realize, however today, the United States have much more possibilities of pressure on Germany (and with it the European Union).

Previously, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin will not raise the issue of sanctions at the talks with Merkel. It is known that, despite the desire of German business to resume relations with Russia, the issue of sanctions is the prerogative of the EU.

The relations between Germany and Russia should be viewed in the context of the economy and in the context of the actions of trump, the Director of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe RAS Vladislav Belov. The main economic issue, which will be discussing the presidents — how to act in terms of sanctions, he said.

This Belov calls attention to the recent words of the Minister of economy of Germany Peter Altmaier, who in an interview with Deutsche Welle said that even under current conditions, German and Russian companies have opportunities to strengthen trade links. Altmaier also stated that the parties would seek to protect German companies in Russia from American sanctions.