The couple dug up my backyard box with jewels

The couple dug up my backyard box with jewels

But they didn’t.

An unexpected discovery was made by Matthew and Maria Emanuel of new York, when he tried to plant a tree on your front of the house. Digging earth under the plant, they came upon an iron box, appeared as nothing less than a safe.

Couple Stumbles Across a Valuable ‘Treasure’ On Their Staten Island Property

— NYC Informer (@newyorkcityinfo) May 15, 2018

The couple bought the house about four years ago and did not even suspect that next to him is buried a treasure.

When they opened the safe, found inside the money, diamonds, gold and expensive jewelry (including engagement ring), worth about 52 thousand dollars.

“We found buried treasure!” Couple dig up a safe containing gold, diamonds and cash worth £38,000 in back garden

— Helga (@helga_voren) May 16, 2018

In addition, inside the metal box was a note with the address of their neighbors. As it turned out, unknown persons robbed their house back in 2011. Then the criminals took away including a safe with jewelry. How the stolen items were buried in the garden of their neighbors — is unclear.

Found treasures Matthew and Mary have given to their rightful owners, refusing remuneration.

Couple’s ‘cable box’ turned out to be a safe with cash, gold, diamonds and an address

— Fresno Bee (@FresnoBee) May 17, 2018