Russian policeman forced the disabled to run the car on a rope

Russian policeman forced the disabled to run the car on a rope

In Tatarstan the drunk inspector of traffic police was beaten, kidnapped, and forced the man, who recently had surgery on my spine, running over his SUV on the rope, that he paid him 15 thousand rubles, according to the website of the regional Department of the Russian Investigative Committee Friday, may 18.

Police fired and along with helping him familiar was taken into custody. The case is being investigated under two articles UK: “Kidnapping” and “Extortion”.

28 APR near night club “Pulse” in the town of Buinsk, the 27-year-old policeman along with 38-year-old friend, a businessman stuck to a passing institution 29-year-old man — the invalid of the third group, said investigators “Evening Kazan”.

The reason for the complaints was “underworld gait” of the victim. The man said that this is a consequence of the performed operation, however it still began to beat.

Trying to escape, the victim threw the bottle at the attackers and hit one of them in the head. After that, the disabled were hit on the head, loaded in the SUV and out of the city. There he was dragged from the car, beaten and dipped into the river.

“One of the kidnappers started to scare the victim, saying, thrown in the head with a bottle, we will drown you here, — said the publication of the senior assistant chief of the Department SK across Tatarstan Andrey Sheptitsky. — After the threats he demanded to pay for the release of 20 thousand rubles, then the amount was reduced to 15 thousand. When the girl refused to pay, he was tied to the bumper of the car rope tow and drove off, forcing the victim to escape after on the road. In the end, the victim agreed to give money, he was untied and again pushed into the interior of the vehicle”.