In Poland detained a Russian saboteur

In Poland detained a Russian saboteur

In Poland detained a Russian citizen suspected of anti-state activities and conducting a hybrid war. This was announced by the representative of the Agency of internal security of Poland Stanislav Garin, reports Wiadomosci.

A woman named Catherine C., which was located on the territory of Poland since 2013, will be deported. In addition, another four foreigners whose nationality was not specified, for five years will be denied entry into the country. Garin added that they often come to Poland.

All five are accused of “consolidation of Pro-Russian circles”. In addition, four unnamed man is suspected of inciting hatred between Poland and Ukraine, including in questions of historical policy.

According to Zarina, the detention of foreigners — the result of the Agency’s work to eliminate the two networks, the leading hybrid and informational war against the Polish state on Russia’s side. He added that the organizations, activities participated in and Polish citizens. They intend to prosecute.