Identifies the most attractive women’s body proportions

Identifies the most attractive women’s body proportions

To find out the most attractive to women, the proportions of the male body, scientists have created models with different ratios of the lengths of the limbs. It turned out that women to the greatest extent pay attention to the proportion of leg length relative to full growth. Other proportion was less important.

The results of the study described in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

To assess the attractiveness of the opposite sex, straight people subconsciously pay attention not only on the face but also on body proportions.

It is believed that a woman can impress hair or suit men, but in addition also important the body, especially the legs.

In previous works scientists have already shown that one of the most important indicators — the ratio of leg length to growth, and the best option proportion is 1:2. Researchers believe that such preferences are due to the evolutionary: in particular, short feet can point to diabetes of the second type.

In the new work, scientists decided to explore what other parameters of the body can affect the attractiveness. To do this, they measured the physical characteristics of the 9,000 U.S. military, which allowed a computer algorithm to generate anonymised figures with individual proportions, deviating from the average by a specified amount.

The authors changed the length of the hands towards growth, as well as the position of the elbows and knees, and 800 asked heterosexual women to rate the resulting figure.

It turned out that the length of the hands and the attitude in which elbows and knees divide the arms and legs respectively, have little effect on attractiveness.

However, scientists were able to confirm previous findings that the length of the legs important: women notice even a small deviation from the “ideal” proportions and evaluated those figures worse. However, a new study has clear limitations since all participants were from the United States, and in the preparatory phase was not involved homosexual men.