Defined the rating of the cheapest sea resorts

Defined the rating of the cheapest sea resorts

MOSCOW, may 17 — RIA Novosti. Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, and Vietnam topped the list of countries for a budget summer holiday abroad, according to Skyscanner.

The experts analyzed the average prices for tickets, accommodation, and costs for the place in the world resorts and ranked the best destinations for a beach holiday next summer.

Calculations are made for travel from Russia for two weeks for two adults.

Among foreign destinations the budget were the resorts of Abkhazia, with an average cost of $ 1396 for a trip for two including airfare, accommodation, meals, entertainment and transportation.

The next step in ranking the available resorts was Azerbaijan. This country is not associated with a beach holiday, but located on the coast of the Caspian sea — and all the opportunities for “Maritime” home away from home here is. Two weeks for two will cost the Russians in 1602 of the dollar.

The third leader economical vacation in the summer of 2018 became Vietnam. Despite the relatively high price of tickets, the total cost of the trip will be lower than, for example, in Bulgaria or Montenegro: the cost of place in this small country. Modest prices, combined with beautiful sandy beaches, palm trees and tropical fruits make Vietnam one of the most attractive summer destinations, even though conditional the rainy season. On a two-week vacation for two here an average of 1608 dollars.

Also in the top ten budget destinations for beach holidays this summer include Turkey, Georgia, Albania, Romania, Poland with Baltic sea resorts, Bulgaria and Montenegro.

As for domestic destinations, the best budget destination for Russian travelers should look for on the coast of the Azov sea in Krasnodar Krai.