The Russians transferred to smart meters

The Russians transferred to smart meters

The Ministry intends to make mandatory the installation of remote metering devices.

Installation of residential meters with remote transmission of readings to make a mandatory offer in the next year. This will allow to restore order in the area of payments for utilities, because consumption information will be sent automatically to the data collection center. The innovation will affect buildings after major repairs and new buildings, the documents of the Ministry of construction, which acquainted “Izvestia”.
Early next year the relevant departments will start the development of amendments to the regulations that will implement the initiative.

The changes will come into force not earlier than 1 July 2019, the draft “road map” for the project “Smart city” programme “Digital economy of the Russian Federation”.

Discussion of the draft “road map” held this week in the framework of the working group on development of housing and utilities of the expert Council under the government of the Russian Federation, told “Izvestia” one of the participants of the working group.

In the II quarter of 2019 there will be changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation concerning obligatory carrying out of works on installation of metering devices of energy resources utility resources and services with the function of remote transmission of the readings in the commissioning of new houses in operation are indicated in the text of the document. The same applies to apartment houses included in the program overhaul.

The conditions for widespread introduction of such metering devices is planned to create by the end of 2019.

It is expected that by the end of 2021 the system will apply 100% of new consumers in new buildings and half of the population, replacing the metering devices in 2020-2021 years during the overhaul.

One of the initiators of the installation of smart meters — the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on housing policy and housing Alexander Sidyakin laments the fact that many apartment owners often tweak devices “insert the magnets, films, twirl the spinner in the opposite direction” to pay less. In the result the costs borne by other residents. Installing an intelligent system, a citizen will begin to save so as to steal resources, neither he nor his housemates will not be able — all the information will be to see an operator in the data center.
— What is the meaning of the system? Each counter is an electronic head, a kind of “brain” that transmits readings in the range of 4-6 km in the online mode. If the whole house is connected to such a system, it is impossible to steal, because any intrusion will be recorded, — explained the “Izvestia” Alexander Sidyakin.

At present the law already has measures to allow the subjects of the Russian Federation for repair of houses to install such meters. In addition, the Housing code allows using “smart” devices to calculate the costs for a block of flats — cleaning stairwells, elevators, garbage chutes, watering flowers in the hallways and so on.