The most dangerous bridge in Russia washed away the ice

The most dangerous bridge in Russia washed away the ice

On the border of the Transbaikal and Buryatia, the ice washed away one of the most dangerous bridges in Russia. Now the residents of the TRANS-Baikal village of Kuanda finally lost motor communication with the outside world. The district introduced a state of emergency: here the incident is already being called a disaster. The only remaining link with the world of the “small BAM capital” is running three times a day train.

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This week the social network has stirred up the video, which captured the collapse of the bridge, bearing the unofficial title of the most dangerous in Russia.

Half a kilometer building is located on the border of the TRANS-Baikal territory and Buryatia and connects via the Vitim river with Big land located near the village of Kuanda, where about a thousand people. The settlement emerged only in 1981, but soon got the unofficial title of “little BAM capital” — it is near Candy in 1984, the builders of the Western and Eastern sections of the Baikal-Amur mainline combined it into a unified whole.

In recordings made a few days ago, eye-witnesses, shows how in just two minutes one of the pillars miserably destroyed. While a column is falling, behind the scenes the man says, “there is no bridge on the Vitim, everything.” The entry ends with the words “we were on the island.” Later, the network appeared more latest videos, which show how the bridge is noticeably caved — in the near future he may finally collapse.

As a result, the town was cut off from the other side: the local authorities for security reasons forbidden to go across the bridge any transport and even walk on foot.

The Vitim bridge, and all around, was built in the early ‘ 80s as a temporary measure. After the construction of the permanent railway bridge across the Vitim, it was on fire, but the metal base was left, in the end it turned into a car.

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To reach the village by car was only possible by him. However, the journey on the bridge all these years was considered to be a dangerous enterprise: any fence on a rickety structures do not exist.

The flooring is made of standard railway wooden sleepers laid across and fastened together with iron cramps. In this part of the sleepers are rotten and not fixed. Former forward of planks on the sleepers are preserved only in some areas.

The bridge is about 570 meters, width — about three, height — 15. Alone to drive over the bridge hard enough: the front of the car always usually went to the man and headed behind the wheel.

Truckers who dared to drive over the bridge, I always turned for help to local residents. By the way, officially the bridge was commissioned, and therefore not serviced, and repairs here and there made by those who used it.

In July 2016 the bridge after public Prosecutor’s check is really a recognized emergency and banned its operation.

From the administration of Kalarsky district are required to establish the barrier, eliminating access of people and vehicles, and prohibiting signs. Compliance with these requirements, the district Prosecutor’s office took control, but people still continued to use the bridge at your own risk.