“The Diary of Anne Frank” found “indecent” jokes, and thoughts about sex

“The Diary of Anne Frank” found “indecent” jokes, and thoughts about sex

Published two previously not seen the light of pages from the diary of Anne Frank, where there are dirty jokes and her thoughts about sex.

The diary of this young Jewish girl written during the days when she hid from the Nazis in the Netherlands, was published after her death and acquired after the war, the phenomenal popularity around the world.

Secret diary pages were hidden behind the glued sheets of wrapping paper — apparently to conceal from loved ones too candid thoughts.

New digital image processing has allowed scientists to finally read what is written there.

These recordings were made on 28 September 1942, shortly after 13-year-old Anna came with his family to the shelter.

“I’m going to use this bad page to write the “indecent” jokes,” wrote Anne on the page with multiple phrases crossed out and below recorded four anecdote.

She also wrote a few lines about sexual education, imagining that she had someone to explain how “it” happens, and I spoke to prostitutes, which — as she wrote in another diary, she once told my father.

The @annefrankhouse , with @HuygensING and @NIODAmsterdam, today presented the hidden text on two pages covered up with gummed paper in the first #diary of #AnneFrank, with its red checked cover. Thanks to new technology the hidden text on the pages has now been made legible. pic.twitter.com/cw9z0JnNFI

— Anne Frank House (@annefrankhouse) may 15, 2018.

Anne Frank wrote in his account in “Twitter” on the publication of the recently deciphered diaries, taped Anna brown wrapping paper.

“The ordinary girl”Anne Frank writes about sex in a completely disarming way. Like every teenager, she is interested in this topic.Ronald Leopoldstadt the Anne Frank house, Amsterdam

The same opinion was expressed by Director of the Dutch Institute for war, Holocaust and genocide (Niod institute) Frank van Vries, who participated in decoding photographed in 2016 pages.

“None of those who read these just decrypted exposure, can not help but smile. These “indecent” jokes — it’s just “classic” maturing children. They, among other things, shows that Anna, with all her talent was above all the ordinary girl,” he says.

One anecdote: “you Know why girls of the Wehrmacht are in the Netherlands? To serve as a litter at soldiers.”

The staff of the Anne Frank Museum, however, note that this is not the only time Anna mentioned sex in his diary — Anna retold and other stories that she heard while in her shelter, and wrote about their own menstruation and puberty.

The Museum also explained his decision to publish those pages of the diary, which Anne obviously didn’t want anyone to show the fact that her diary is a UNESCO protected cultural and historical heritage and is of significant academic interest.