NI compared to the Russian “Armata” with the American “Abrams”

NI compared to the Russian “Armata” with the American “Abrams”

MOSCOW, may 16 — RIA Novosti. Experts of the magazine The National Interest compared the capabilities of the Russian tank T-14 on the basis of universal tracked platform “Armata” and the main battle tank USA M1 Abrams.


The author admits that at the end of 2020-ies due to unintentional collision near Kaliningrad can come together Russian and American land forces.

It is assumed that by this time the main tanks of the US army is “General dynamics” M1A2 SEP V. 4 “Abrams” — a little more advanced, but still similar to the modern American “Abrams”. Russian troops are likely to be present machine, similar to a T-72Б3М, T-80БВМ, T-90M and T-14 “Armata”.

The captain of the Swiss Armed Forces Stefan bühler believes that “Armata” is much more maneuverable American “Abrams” or the German “Leopard 2”. Russian tank does not differ from them in power, but the light weight makes it more competitive.