Teenager in a wheelchair with cast legs are not allowed in the plane in Kurgan

Teenager in a wheelchair with cast legs are not allowed in the plane in Kurgan

Moscow. May 16. INTERFAX.RU — Undergoing surgery, the teenager with a disability with the plastered foot could not get on the plane at the Mound, he was not allowed to Board the airline UTair, has reported “Interfax” the head of Seaside public organization of disabled people “Kovcheg” Artem Moiseenko.

Employees of UTair were not allowed in the plane a handicapped boy, who had surgery on his feet. The airline felt that because of my cast it will take up too much space https://t.co/1BWNu2XF0E pic.twitter.com/FGyYjAehay

— NTV (@ntvru) may 16, 2018

“Father and son, operated in the clinic of the Ilizarov, are unable to get into the plane. In the Mound of a child with a disability after surgery on the feet is not allowed on Board, stating the fact that it will take up too much space,” — said Moiseenko.

According to the father of the child, the incident occurred on may 13. At check-in for flight to Moscow, he was told that the records do not indicate that the boy is an invalid, wheelchair-bound and plastered leg, it may need two seats. A few days father and son had to live in rented room, waiting to go home.

Moiseenko believes that the incident is guilty of the employees of the social insurance Fund (SIF), in charge of ticketing and airline. “SIF warned the airline that will fly the kid with the leg in plaster. Yes, and the airline could find a way to deliver,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

He added that the family had already arrived in Moscow. “The child is tired, exhausted, a healthy person is difficult to withstand. However, they will have to spend another 12 hours in the airport waiting for the flight to Vladivostok,” — said Moiseenko.