Sound illusion splitting network users

Sound illusion splitting network users

Netizens argued because of the audio recordings of computer voices, pronouncing the word like both names, yanny (Yanny) and Laurel (Laurel). Clip with audio posted on his Twitter account the popular blogger Chloe Feldman (Danielle Feldman).

“What do you hear?! Janni or Laurel,” he asked to his subscribers Feldman, adding that she picks the first option. The video became viral, it was viewed and listened to five and a half million people. The tweet received more than 56 thousand likes and became one of the most discussed in social networks.

What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel

— Cloe Feldman (@CloeCouture) May 15, 2018

In the comments under the post started the confrontation in defense of each of the names. Most of the users agreed with Feldman: they also heard the word “Yanni”.

A few representatives of other “camp” reacted emotionally “As you all hear “Yanni”… as Clear as day that reads “Laurel”,” said one commenter. “They say they hear “Yanni” because I want attention,” he consoled him another subscriber.

Later, the experts explained that this exciting audiologia connected with the peculiarities of perception of sound.

Sensitive to high frequencies people hear the first option, others the second.

Moreover, the recording may sound different depending on the playback device or the headphones.

Despite objective proof I still think it’s #Laurel

— Alex Saad (@XeSaad) May 15, 2018

The most known online illusion is a picture of the dress, which has spread on the Internet in 2015. Then the users were divided into three camps: supporters of the blue-black or white-and-gold colors of the dress and also those people who have seen both colors.