Putin has passed on the Crimean bridge on the “KAMAZ”

Putin has passed on the Crimean bridge on the “KAMAZ”

The President congratulated the workers and praised the contractors that “put the state interests above the group”.


Russian President Vladimir Putin today traveled to the Crimean bridge driving the construction of “KAMAZ”.

The movement of the truck with number Н082ЕН the head of the column of construction equipment began at 14.48 GMT and took about 16 minutes instead of the planned 25. Alongside Putin in the cockpit was the head of construction of Crimean bridge Alexander Ostrovsky, the head of “SGM-Bridge” — “daughter” of the General contractor “SGM”.

The movement of a convoy of 36 vehicles at the 19-kilometer bridge began from the Taman. Approximately 15.02 “KAMAZ” Putin rode the arch of a bridge over the waterway, and in 1505, the Russian President had already left the truck on the Crimean side and welcomed the participants to the meeting of builders of the bridge.

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“I sincerely congratulate you all on this festive and historical day,” Putin congratulated the builders, engineers and workers. He called the bridge “gorgeous”, and the date of completion of construction “in the fullest sense historic.”

“In different historical periods, even under the tsars, the people wanted to build this bridge. Then came back to it in 30-e years of the last century, in the 40s, 50s. And finally, thanks to your work, your talent is a miracle come true,” the President said at the rally-concert in Kerch, which brought together more than 1,000 construction workers and their families.

According to him, organizers of the construction of the project “without any exaggeration, have set state, national interests above personal and group”. “This is a remarkable result, which makes the Crimea and Sevastopol a legendary stronger, and all of us closer to each other.” Completion of construction will allow to develop economy of Crimea and Sevastopol “new pace and a new quality,” the President said.

Further objects, similar to the Crimean bridge, appears throughout Russia, Putin promised: “We will continue to work on similar projects across the country. It across the country will build new roads, new bridges, new airports and ports. We will make the lives of our people better and more worthy”.

“I congratulate all of you and wish you continued success. Thank you very much! You are the best people, the best builders!” — Putin summed up my brief remarks in Kerch.

Then there was a concert for the builders.