Igor Vostrikov went into politics

Igor Vostrikov went into politics

He participated in the primaries of “United Russia” on elections in regional Duma.

Kemerovchanin Igor Vostrikov, who at the fire in the shopping centre, “Winter cherry” killed three children, wife and sister, filed an application to participate in the primaries of “United Russia” on elections in regional Duma. In the party of participation of mister Vostrikova not comment.

In the Kuzbass ended accepting applications for participation in the primary election for the nomination of the party “United Russia” in a regional Council, a list of participants published on the website of the preliminary vote. The party’s candidate Igor Vostrikov did not comment. The candidate filing is also not explained. “Something like that. No comment” — he said “Kommersant”.

Igor Vostrikov 31 years, he is a non-partisan, registered as an individual entrepreneur. Has secondary education, he studied at Kemerovo state technical University, he was awarded the qualification of engineer on specialty “machines and apparatuses of chemical productions”.

Mister Vostrikov has created the movement “the voice of the people”, which takes complaints about problems in the work of state bodies. In social networks he invited the Russians to create a new group “under one name “the Great Empire””. In the official group of the network “Vkontakte” more than 13.4 thousand participants created 75 regional groups, of which most of the participants in the Kemerovo region — 1240, Perm — a little less than 1200. In other groups they are less than 100 people each. The motto of the “Voice” sounds so: “For the happiness will have to fight! Not revolution, not war! The voice of the people — the dialogue with the government on joint problem solving.” May 10, Igor Vostrikov performed in Moscow at the press center of IA of NSN, where he was told including about his movement. The promised “sensational claims” they wasn’t made.

The head of fraction of LDPR in a regional Council Igor Ukrainians assumed that Igor Vostrikov go into politics.

“Watching the steps of mister Vostrikova, I expected that the political career he will start. Riddle was, in what capacity and in what party. Will he be able to make a career in the ranks of the ruling party, I don’t know. Observe, I do not exclude that it can change their political views,” — said “Kommersant” the Lord of the Ukrainians.

First Secretary of Kemerovo regional Committee of the Communist party Nikolai Mukhin respectful to the decision of mister Vostrikova. “I treat him with respect. People lost the most valuable thing in life, still trying to find himself. Don’t know how I would act in his place. His right, let him go and dare, more importantly, to “United Russia” is not used companion Vostrikova for their purposes,” — said a Communist.

Kemerovo political analyst Alexander Konovalov called the decision Igor Vostrikov “unexpected move”, because he never identified his ambitions in the regional Council from the party “United Russia”. “It was questionable, from my point of view, ideas for creating a national movement — “the great Empire”, “the voice of the people”. Now — new attempt. To explain such hesitation from the point of view of political rationality’s very difficult,” — said “Kommersant” Mr. Konovalov.

He also recalled the words of the spin doctor Gleb Pavlovsky that “after everything that happened with the family Vostrikova, to Vostrikov everything is possible.” He added that the “United Russia” most likely, it is possible to withdraw the nomination of Igor Vostrikov on the basis that the critical remarks about the party, but it will cause a wide public resonance, and, most likely, to mister Vostrikov allowed to carry out this campaign. “I am absolutely not sure that he will score the required number of votes to 3 June to enter the list of the party”, — concluded the analyst.

Julia Matushenko, Kemerovo