Crimean bridge. Dossier

Crimean bridge. Dossier

15 may the President of Russia will take part in the opening ceremony of the road part of the Crimean bridge.

TASS-FILE. May 15, 2018, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin will take part in the opening ceremony of the road part of the Crimean bridge. The head of state will get acquainted with the readiness of a Single center traffic management and all operational services to the work of the transport passage. The movement of vehicles on the bridge will start on may 16.

Crimean bridge will connect Kerch Peninsula (Crimea) from the Taman Peninsula (Krasnodar region). It will provide a smooth transport of the Crimea with the mainland Russia. The bridge starts on the Taman Peninsula, passes through the existing five-kilometer Causeway and the island of Tuzla, crosses the Kerch Strait, skirting the North Cape, AK-Burun, and goes to the Crimean coast. Transport passage is composed of parallel road and rail routes. Pedestrian areas and Bicycle paths are not provided.


Railway bridge across the Kerch Strait was first built during the great Patriotic war. In the autumn of 1944 it for 150 days was built by Soviet military engineers. The bridge connected the shore in the Krasnodar area of the spit Pig with the Crimean coast near the village of Zhukovka. Design of 4.5 km in length and 22 meters wide, consisted of 115 spans and the device for the passage of ships. 18 February 1945 the bridge was destroyed by a powerful ice of the Azov sea. Instead of a bridge 22 September 1954 started to operate a ferry across the Kerch Strait (Krasnodar, port Kavkaz — port Crimea).

Since the late 1990-ies the idea of the construction of a combined road-rail bridge across the Strait was actively discussed by the Russian and Ukrainian authorities. In February 2014, after violent change of power in Ukraine, the negotiations were terminated. In March of that year, the Crimea was reunited with Russia. The main transport corridor connecting the Peninsula with the mainland of the Russian Federation, remained the Kerch ferry.

March 19, 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Ministry of transport of Russia the task to build a bridge across the Strait in two versions — road and rail. Of several proposed projects the best was recognized as the one that involved the construction not at the narrowest section of the Strait as a bridge in 1944 and construction, and to the South — from the Taman Peninsula to the Kerch across the island of Tuzla. In August 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the project documentation for the construction of a bridge with highway and electrified railway lines.

The project

The project customer is the Federal state institution “Management of Federal highways “Taman” Federal road Agency of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the government decree of January 30, 2015 General contractor of the works has been determined, the LLC “stroygazmontazh” (enters into group of companies SGM Arkady Rotenberg). Project management of construction of the bridge has been performed by LLC “stroygazmontazh-Bridge.”

In the construction of the bridge involved nearly 220 Russian enterprises, the building are more than 30 Mostootryad, more than 10 thousand workers and more than 1.5 thousand engineers.

Main technical characteristics

  • The total length of the bridge is 19 km away (will be the longest in Russia);.
  • four-lane highway (two lanes in each direction) with a total capacity of 40 thousand vehicles per day;.
  • the speed limit on the highway for cars and 90 km/h;.
  • two railway tracks with a capacity of up to 47 pairs of trains per day;.
  • the permitted speed for passenger trains is 90 km/h truck 80 km/h;.
  • a throughput of 14 million passengers and 13 million tons of cargo per year;.
  • for shipping provides arch spans with a height of 35 m.