Tourists are advised loudly to score a pile on the Crimean bridge

Tourists are advised loudly to score a pile on the Crimean bridge

The builders of the Crimean bridge provided the tourists with a number of humorous tips and rituals that should be performed during the passage through the opening of the Crimean bridge. This is stated in the blog cat Bridge in Instagram, which is the unofficial symbol of construction.

Travelers are advised to sit on the track on the bench, “the Crimean bridge”, which stands on the observation deck overlooking the construction site on the Taman shore (like that found at Kerch). Another tip is to make selfi on the background of the monument to Lermontov. “He wrote that the Taman — “worst town”. The local decided that the poet went too far, but his monument still put” — say the authors of the blog.

@krymsky_bridge have gathered for you the most interesting places in the Crimea and Taman. Special attention to the third paragraph 😉 #Repost @krymsky_bridge — the Most interesting places for visits for both my banks, save for the trip 😉 #infographical

Publication from the cat Bridge (@cat_the_most) 14 May 2018 at 4:17 PDT

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It is also recommended to stock up on shrimp for the Bridge and study the dolphins that live in the Kerch Strait — “this bottlenose Dolphin and belobochka, they are offended when they are confused with each other.”

In addition, it is suggested to download main hit construction — “I score pile” and turn it on full power when you arrive on the bridge itself.

May 15, the Crimean bridge will be opened by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Traffic on the 19-kilometer-long structure, the largest in Russia, will start on 16 may at 05.30 in the morning.