Palestine was going to submit the claim to the ICC on war crimes of Israel

Palestine was going to submit the claim to the ICC on war crimes of Israel

Moscow. May 15. INTERFAX.RU — Leadership of the Palestinian national authority (PNA) intends to file a lawsuit to the international criminal court, accusing Israel of committing war crimes “because of the construction of settlements in the occupied territories”, reports the Associated Press referring to the representative of the Palestine liberation Organization Saeb Erekat of.

According to him, the decision was made on the evening of 14 may at the meeting of the leader of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas and senior representatives of the Palestine liberation Organization.

Abbas has previously made critical statements in connection with the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem on may 14.

“This is not an Embassy, and the new Jewish settlement. United States, which has long promoted the establishment of the Palestinian lands for Jewish settlements are founded this settlement in Jerusalem,” — said the head of the Palestinian authority, adding that after such a step the US has lost the status of a mediator in a peaceful settlement between Palestine and Israel.

14 may was held the opening ceremony of the new U.S. Embassy in Israel, the Embassy was moved from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. On this day, on the border of Gaza, there were mass protests, timed to coincide with the ceremony, and also to the anniversary of the founding of Israel. During the riots killed 59 Palestinians, more than 2 thousand were wounded.