Biography Of Alexei Kudrin

Biography Of Alexei Kudrin

TASS-FILE. May 14, 2018, the head of the Center for strategic research (CSR), former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin on his official page in social network Facebook has announced that it has agreed to be candidate for the post of Chairman of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation.

Alexei Kudrin was born October 12 1960 in Dobele, Latvian Soviet socialist Republic (now Latvia) in the family of a serviceman. In 1968-1971 years, the family lived in Mongolia, and then in the Chita region, 1974 year in Arkhangelsk.

In 1983 graduated from the Department of political economy of economic faculty of the Leningrad state University. A. A. Zhdanov (nowadays — St.-Petersburg state University), specialty “economist, teacher of political economy.” He entered the evening Department, the third year he transferred to the full. In 1988 , a postgraduate of the Institute of Economics of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Candidate of economic Sciences. In 1988 year, the Institute of Economics, USSR Academy of Sciences defended his thesis on “Comparability in the mechanism of realization of relations of economic competition”.