A resident of China paid in a stall 23 thousand dollars for the two pie

A resident of China paid in a stall 23 thousand dollars for the two pie

BEIJING, may 15 — RIA Novosti. The man in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou in Central Henan province have used electronic payment system Alipay, with the payment of two pies a steam-baozi in one of the street stalls, while in error or because of a failure of the program he paid more than 147 million yuan (more than 23 thousand dollars) and he didn’t notice it.

On average, one pie with meat or vegetables is 1.5 to 5 yuan. As the man did not notice that his account was charged such a large amount, he himself did not understand. The story has become very talked-about in the Chinese social network Weibo, especially with regard to its happy ending.

The baozi seller surnamed Ho, making monthly report for revenue, found the stall excess of 147 million yuan. He suggested that the buyer mistakenly entered a six digit password to pay from the account instead of the price of Baoji.

The seller immediately reported this to the guide and for his bravery was awarded the prize in 5 thousand yuan (about $ 800).

All stalls with fast food baozi contacted local police and reported the incident. Also, the seller appealed to the media for help in finding a buyer, because he did not attempt to contact him. Later, the employees of the company Alipay contacted him to inform about his mistake and about what the other side wanted to return the extra amount. Buyer by the name of Han first took them for the culprit and did not believe in the reality of the situation.

The entire amount was returned to the inattentive buyer last week in the local police station.