The crash of flight MH370 Malaysian Airlines recognized as intentional

The crash of flight MH370 Malaysian Airlines recognized as intentional

The mysterious disappearance of flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines in March 2014, most likely, was a deliberate crash, conceived and implemented by commander Zacharias Ahmed Shah, writes The Independent with reference to the Australian TV program “60 minutes.”


Collected by the transfer of experts in the investigation came to the conclusion that he deliberately chose the course to the abyss out of sight of the air traffic controllers and sent the Boeing 777 in the Indian ocean about an hour after departure from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Aviaekspert Martin Dolan has completely excluded the version of act of terrorism on Board MH370. “If it was a terrorist attack, a terrorist group would surely have taken responsibility for the incident. Such statements are not followed”, — said the expert.

The former head of the investigation security Bureau, transport Canada Larry Vance said that the commander of the crew will probably put on an oxygen mask, then depressurized the cabin of the aircraft to the other 238 people on Board lost consciousness. “There is a growing consensus about the last moments of this flight,” he said.

The people on Board died from lack of oxygen before the crash — so we are talking about premeditated murder, the lawyer said the family members of the passengers John Dawson.NewsOld aircraft, icing as the cause of the disaster. Why are we afraid to fly

Simon Harvey, who for a long time was a pilot on the same flight, confirmed the point of view of Dolan. According to him, the liner to the disappearance specially flew to the boundary of areas of responsibility of air traffic controllers of Thailand and Malaysia to the zone of uncertain detection of radar and the other country. “Therefore, both the air traffic controller not worried about the mysterious plane: if it disappeared, then went into someone else’s area of responsibility… If I were asked to make the plane disappeared, I would do absolutely the same thing,” he said. According to the expert, this course was only possible on purpose.

Boeing-777 flew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8 March 2014 and disappeared an hour after takeoff. On Board were 239 people, including two pilots 53-year-old Zachariah Ahmad Shah and 27-year-old Farik Abdul.