In Kemerovo has awarded the residents that rescued people from the burning TC “Winter cherry”

In Kemerovo has awarded the residents that rescued people from the burning TC “Winter cherry”

The medal “For honour and courage”, “For service to Kuzbass”, “For faith and good”, as well as prizes awarded more than 70 people.

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KEMEROVO, may 14. /TASS/. The acting Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev awarded of Kuzbass residents who helped to save people during a fire in a shopping centre, “Winter cherry”, the correspondent of TASS from the ceremony on Monday.

The fire in the shopping center occurred on March 25 this year, killing 60 people, and another 79 were injured. The ceremony began with a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the tragedy.

“This tragedy has divided our life into before and after. We are gathered here with you to honor and reward those people who are in these terrible tragic moments, especially in the first few minutes of panicked minutes, minutes a terrible fire, confusion — not thrown in a difficult situation of people, especially children, the most defenseless, who was in “Winter cherry”, who came to the rescue, who saved the lives of children, often with their lives,” said acting Governor.

Awarded more than 70 people. The medal “For honour and courage”, “For service to Kuzbass”, “For faith and good” and prizes marked with the cadet, students, volunteers, employees of various organizations which have been in the time of a fire in a shopping center or helped afterwards. “If you do not, the consequences of the tragedy would have been much more and a lot more. In the extreme situation you did not run to escape, and found the strength to save people,” added Tsivilev.

Awarded posthumously

Three of Kuzbass residents received medals posthumously: it is the teacher Tatyana Darsalia, which once brought her daughter remained to help others, the chief of Department of social service at home Topkinskiy the centre of social service Natalia Drake — she literally pushed kids out of a movie, and she rushed to save the remaining children.

Also awarded posthumously to Eugene Moskalenko is the father of 11-year-old boy. As noted by Tsivilev, the head of the family had to make the hard, but “the right decision” — to throw son out the window of the 4th floor. Eugene himself, his wife and daughter died. The boy was hospitalized, he was discharged almost a month.

“Together we thought about how to do so, to help him in this difficult stage of life: we came up with at the request of his coach to give him [the boy] Bicycle, of which he had dreamed. These bikes in the sale of Kemerovo was not, we found the parents of the other boys who trained with them and gave my bike a new bike Sergei Moskalenko,” said Tsivilev. Acting Governor stressed that the boy will be provided in the future, all necessary assistance.

The award, which was awarded three of the victims received their loved ones.

In fact the incident of a fire criminal case, accused on it are 8 people, they are arrested. As noted by Tsivilev, the investigation continues into the present. He added that “all those guilty in this tragedy will be punished.”