Filipino beach threw a mysterious sea creature (video)

Filipino beach threw a mysterious sea creature (video)

The locals decided that that’s a bad sign.

The beach of San Antonio of the Philippine province of Oriental Mindoro waves threw an unidentified substance gray-white color and more than six meters in length. The sea monster was already no signs of life.

The locals started to converge on the beach to see the unusual animal, the appearance of which, however, they are considered “bad sign.”

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“They say that when there are creatures from the deepest parts of the ocean, something bad is happening,” — said in an interview a local resident Vincent Dela Pena Badillo.

Others supported him, arguing that the appearance of the strange creatures might be related to the upcoming earthquake or other natural disasters.

Scientists suggest that most likely has to shore the remains of a whale. To find out for sure they took samples for analysis.

Meanwhile, the local authorities rushed to get rid of the decaying carcass of the animal, “which emits a horrible smell and terrifies the residents and guests of the city.”

Experts baffled as massive mysterious ‘globster’ sea creature washes up on beach in the Philippines

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) May 12, 2018