Almost half of Russians turning on the TV for news

Almost half of Russians turning on the TV for news

A quarter of respondents said that watching the news they have a feeling of distrust and doubt.

Moscow. May 14. INTERFAX.RU — About half of Russians, periodically spending time in front of TV prefer the news release, the report on the results of a poll by FOM, arrived on Monday, “Interfax”.

According to the survey, 48% of respondents watch TV primarily for the news. While 44% of respondents think that television is, first and foremost, gives you the opportunity to “look at current events in our country”, and about a quarter of respondents (23%) believe that television programs help to “understand current problems of the country and society”.

Among the respondents there were different views about whether the journalist to be limited to the transmission of facts or he may Express his personal point of view. That television news programs engaged exclusively in the transmission of facts and information about the events, expressed 46% of respondents, but a third of respondents admit that media representatives can give my personal assessment.

44% of respondents believed that over the last two or three years the quality of television news programs has improved, 13% hold the opposite point of view, and about a quarter of respondents believe that the quality of news programs has not changed.

Sociologists have found that 41% of respondents news on television rarely cause distrust, but almost every fourth (24%) of respondents said that a feeling of distrust and doubt appears quite often.

According to the results of the study revealed that more than half of Russians (56%), watching TV, not allowed to abandon television in favor of other sources of information, 29% of respondents admit such a possibility.