Russian education raises problematic issues

Russian education raises problematic issues

The best Russian universities may be denied the right to work.

The reason for this — the existing system of accreditation and licensing of higher education institutions. It has criticized the rectors of leading Russian universities. In their view, the system focuses on formal criteria assessment, but not on the quality of education. A similar approach has already caused serious problems in major universities: previously, the license was stripped of the European University in St. Petersburg.

What are the claims of the expert community, and how experts see the correct device accreditation and licensing of universities? This question was answered by the rector of the Moscow physico-technical Institute Nikolay Kudryavtsev:

“We feel a very strong regulation, and that is what raises the temperature, and there are cases where universities that are very well-prepared students get these “black marks” on the basis of formal indicators. For example, the provision of educational areas, dormitories. Another problem with the magistracy, because the universities do a lot of programs focusing on the needs of the market. For each master’s programme need to undergo the same procedure: accreditation, licensing. It is a very laborious work that requires a large amount of paperwork and human labor of qualified employees.”

Controlling the organization’s focus on evaluation of formal parameters, which are recorded in documents.

“Rosobrnadzor makes a lot, I can say that the procedure is perfected, there is no such confrontation — rather, a collaboration. But it’s a question of approach: you can control every step of the University, and you can control the end result and more trust in the universities in their current activities.”

The service recognized the problem and is actively working to improve the system of licensing and accreditation of higher education institutions, told “Kommersant FM” a press-the Secretary of Department Irina Goryunova. According to her, the service works in close cooperation with the expert community and the heads of major Russian universities: “Rosobrnadzor 2019 plans to switch to digital accredited University programs that allows you to refuse the request of University documents. The technology has already been developed and successfully tested in the accreditation programs of the Ranepa. In addition, already prepared and approved a bill on the use of independent evaluation of students in this process. It is planned that in the near future it will be submitted for consideration to the state Duma. We understand the importance of improving procedures of accreditation and was ready to discuss”.