Officers began to sell at auction machine malicious debtors fines

Officers began to sell at auction machine malicious debtors fines

The main trend of the day — selling cars of reckless drivers.

Still the threat that the machine of the driver-the debtor will go under the hammer, was rather hypothetical. Rather, the fines defaulter took fright. Now things are changing.

A recent example: recently in Moscow was sold Mazda-3 off 220 thousand roubles of unpaid fines. The car stopped on the road during a joint RAID with the traffic police officers.

Behind the wheel was the wife of the debtor. To go home she had to walk.

“Bailiff, arriving at the stopping place of the cars, amounted to an act of inventory and seizure of property, — tell in Department of the Federal bailiff service in Moscow. Machine Mazda -3 were taken at location of the bailiffs. Attending the reception to the spouse of the debtor was handed a receipt for payment of the entire amount of the debt, including performing collection. However, the payment did not take place and this time, in connection with which the car was passed to enforce. The money received from the sale of the car at auction, went to the repayment of the debt. Enforcement proceedings were actually executed”.

A performance fee amounted to 60 thousand rubles, so that in total, the debtor paid 280 thousand rubles. Everything that was raised from the sale of the machine, moreover, returned to the debtor.

Previously operated softer. Arrested car often remained in debtors themselves in custody. If people didn’t pay to take and sell in the end could not the whole car, just some of it, for example, the radio. The rule price of the seized property must be proportionate to the debt.

But the amount of accumulated fines are increasing, and ceremonies held. And to escape with the grapes of fines in traffic or in the commotion the Parking becomes more difficult. Ushers work hand in hand with the traffic police and the Metropolitan attendants. In the end, the number of persistent speeders debtors, according to experts, began to decline. Although not as dramatically. Yet.

With Parking in Moscow was taken away on a tow truck for six vehicles debtors.

According to the Federal bailiff service, at the end of last year, the Department stayed enforcement proceedings against 93 thousand debtors who have more than 10 unpaid fines. “In comparison with the same period in 2016 worst debtors was less than 4 thousand people”, — noted in service. The number of fines is increasing. During the year there were 1.3 million more. Just last year on the execution of the service received from the traffic police 26.2 million warrants of the penalty box-defaulters.

Three months of this year the Department has received 7.1 million driving fines totaling more than 6 billion rubles.

The reasons are clear: thanks to the cameras of the violations revealed more. Many drivers are not accustomed (although I should) to the new regime, put on packs of fines. Sometimes without even noticing.

For example, recently, we are told in management FSSP across Moscow, in traffic have been identified and stopped, the debtor who has earned 38 penalties for traffic violations. Find another way man was a citizen of the call was not, at the place of residence lived. The car was immediately arrested and taken to a Parking fine. It is noteworthy that the amount owed for fines amounted to 36,5 thousand roubles, and the sum of performing gathering 38. That is to pay for what is not paid voluntarily, had more than just the bills of GAI.

Total debt 74.5 thousand rubles, and it almost went under the hammer “Toyota Camry” of the debtor.Useful informacijas to pay a fine with a discount

But in this case the citizen after three days came to the bailiffs and brought the receipt of payment of the debt. The car man returned. Auto sales debtors — not an end in itself and not a punishment. The main thing to get payback.

And in the capital’s parks this year there have been about a dozen valets joint raids with police officers. He was arrested and sent on special Parking 6 cars. The total amount of debt to their owners for unpaid Parking tickets amounted to 292,5 thousand rubles.