More than a third of Americans would like to have the ability to heal people

More than a third of Americans would like to have the ability to heal people

These are the results of the survey 2.1 thousand Americans, the results of which leads portal Statista statistical information.

Respondents were asked to choose a maximum of two superpowers that they would like to have, if you had the chance. As it turned out, the majority (34%) would not refuse the presence of the gift of healing people. This option was ranked first among the respondents of both sexes, with women (41%) chose it in 1,5 times more often than men (26%). For comparison, this exciting prospect, the ability to fly, were chosen twice as often.

When a gender division the situation is the opposite — 20% dreaming about flying men and 12% women.

In the top 3 coveted superpowers also includes the gift to heal themselves and not so harmless like reading people’s minds.

Few people are attracted to x-ray vision or super speed. 9% of respondents of both sexes in General are not interested in any superpowers and I can’t say anything about it.

About what super powers I wish to have the Russians, is not known. However, at the end of April, Ford has conducted a study which showed that two thirds (68%) of motorists would like to have a machine with superhuman abilities.

Probably the main problem of the Russian drivers remain traffic jams and bad roads because one-third of respondents would like to machine was able to teleport, 13% — to fly 8% — to swim. 11% would like the car could become invisible to protect it from thieves. And 31% of the car with superhuman abilities to anything, but they would not mind if the machine could brew a Cup of coffee.