In Ukraine, explained why Kiev can claim to Crimea

In Ukraine, explained why Kiev can claim to Crimea

MOSCOW, may 12 — RIA Novosti. Editor online Odessa edition “Timer” Yuri Tkachev praised the possibility of Kiev to include the Crimea and came to the conclusion that Ukrainians are unable to call the Peninsula their own.

According to the journalist, Russia for five years (2015-2020) will be spent on infrastructure development of the Peninsula about 25 billion dollars (according to the government decree on the implementation of the Federal target program of development of Crimea and Sevastopol until 2020 allocated to more than 825 billion rubles. — Approx. ed.). In Ukraine in 2013 in the Crimea has allocated only nine million dollars, said Tkachyov.

“When political Ukrainians claim that Crimea they will ask, and they have the money for the Crimea is?” — the journalist wrote to Facebook.

He also suggested that Ukraine would not have enough money to “tidy up” their own infrastructure. For this, according to the journalist, would be required to invest ten billion dollars over ten years.

“That kind of money we do no one ever will” — summed up the chief editor of Odessa the Internet-editions.