In Tbilisi demolished tents of the protesters against hard drug

In Tbilisi demolished tents of the protesters against hard drug

Moscow. May 13. INTERFAX.RU IN Tbilisi, the patrol police on Sunday morning demolished the tents on the square in front of the Parliament building, set at night with protesters who are protesting against the government’s tough counter-narcotics policy, have informed “Interfax” in the interior Ministry.

It is reported that the police detained three young men on the square in a state of alcoholic intoxication, but they said they have nothing to do with the action.

A few dozen protesters who spent the night in tents, described the police actions as a provocation, but did not resist, told reporters one of the organizers.

Organized a youth protest began on Saturday of two Nightclubs Tbilisi special operation on detention of drug dealers. On the square in front of Parliament gathered several thousand people. The shares have been demands for the resignation of the Prime Minister and interior Minister, who allegedly is responsible for carried out a special operation force in the Nightclubs of electronic music, is very popular among tourists.

The military operation on combating drug trafficking was held in night clubs “Basiani” and “galeri” on the night of may 12. In a statement, the interior Ministry on its results, said that the Ministry, together with the Prosecutor’s office continues fight against drug traffickers. Meanwhile, visitors to the clubs where the operation took place, stated that he had been subjected to violence and humiliation.