Russian counter-sanctions will become a universal

Russian counter-sanctions will become a universal

The Council on law-making under the Chairman of the state Duma discussed the comments and suggestions of regions and experts to the bill on the counter.

This is the second discussion of amendments made by the legislature in response to US sanctions. 20 APR in the Duma, there were consultations with representatives of business and scientific communities, in its results for the completion of the project there was created a working group, headed by Vice-speaker of the state Duma Alexander Zhukov.

According to the Vice-speaker Ivan Melnikov, from the bill will remove language regarding specific products. The analyst Ekaterina Shulman on his page in Facebook has published a new text of the bill. It is much more General than was originally:

“The prohibition or restriction of import on territory of Russia of products and (or) raw materials, countries of origin which are hostile foreign States or producers which are organizations under the jurisdiction of unfriendly States…”.

Previously it was assumed that the document will give the government the right by decision of the President to enter 16 different response measures: to prohibit or restrict the import of agricultural, alcohol and tobacco products, drugs from certain countries prohibit or restrict the export from Russia of rare earth metals, to suspend cooperation on the nuclear, aircraft and rocket engines, to attract highly qualified professionals.

As a result deputies made the provisions of the bill are universal, not industry.

“The powers transferred to the government and the President should be more inclusive and universal nature, not referring to specific companies or specific products,” — said earlier the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.NewsThan the Russians face a ban of American medicine

During the consideration of the bill in the first reading, the chamber will adopt a special resolution, identifies further areas of work on the document. The bill can be adopted at first reading on 15 may.

“We agreed that the text will not be referred to specific types of goods — it will be the prerogative of the government, the same would apply to the countries that fall under the law. The government should have the authority to impose some criteria. We shall see in the final text. In the decision on acceptance will be also spelled out a number of recommendations to the government, agreed that this should not be a reaction to those or other sanctions, it should be the policy of import substitution. This policy we need to continue regardless of sanctions,” — said the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin.

We do not isolate, not fence up the Russian economy, our main task is to show the possibility of entering our economy in a competitive level.Alexander Skinprint of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs

“We are satisfied that it was gone from of detail: we were very disturbed by, for example, the thesis that it is impossible to attract highly qualified specialists”, — said after the discussion, the President Trading-industrial chamber Sergey Katyrin.

The version that is discussed, in the end we are quite satisfied: you need two things — financial justification measures, which will prepare the government and discussion with the business community. And we also insist on support (including legislative) of individual industries and companies, against which sanctions.Sergei Katherinedesigns chamber of Commerce

“The Public chamber has conducted an examination in respect of specific goods and services: in the state Duma these remarks into account, there is a confidence that vital goods and services the bill will not apply”, — told reporters the Secretary of the Public chamber Valery Fadeev.

The founder of Fund of the help hospice Vera Nut Federmesser said he feared the appearance of the second “law of Dima Yakovlev”, but until that happens.

The situation is much more optimistic than we feared. Gone is the mention of drugs, there was an amendment which provides for the exclusion of mention of certain industries, goods and services.Nut Federalsecurity help Fund hospice Faith

According to her, sounded a lot of criticism of the Ministry of health. “The government should work to help your citizens, not to engage in confrontation with other countries,” she added.