In the state Duma spoke about the possible division of the Ministry of education into two departments

In the state Duma spoke about the possible division of the Ministry of education into two departments

Moscow. May 11. INTERFAX.RU. The Ministry of education and science may be divided; education, probably, will be overseen by the current head of Department Olga Vasilyeva, science Deputy Minister Grigory Trubnikov, said the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education and science Oleg Smolin.

Information on the likely division of the Department confirmed sources “Interfax” in the Russian Academy of Sciences and Ministry of education.

“The issue of division of the Ministry of education and science, indeed, discussed, and already more than 10 years. And, it seems that the decision in that year can be taken,” — said Smolin on Friday, “Interfax”.

He added that “if we talk about the pros and cons of, on the one hand it is logical to combine the Ministry of science, Ministry of education, since we have all the most part of scientific production produce educational institutions.” But, he said, “there is another logic, according to which it is necessary to ensure the implementation of science in production, or as they say commercialization of results of scientific activity”. “And if you follow this logic, then would the Ministry of science to combine with the Ministry of technology, and it would be the Ministry of science and technology, as once it was,” — said the MP.

“I don’t know what decision will be made final. Absolutely reliable information. Our leaders know how to keep the information up to the last. But the division of the Ministry seems very likely,” — said Smolin.

It is also possible that the Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO) will be part of the Ministry of science, said another interlocutor of “Interfax”. He recalled that “the functions which are now administered by FANO, in the Soviet period were engaged in the management of the Affairs of the Academy of Sciences, and it, in turn, had a double subordination — to the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the government to whom to report on financial issues”.

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