Big dog interrupted the weather forecast on American TV

Big dog interrupted the weather forecast on American TV

The presenter could not believe my eyes and continued to talk about the impending heat.

On the American channel WMUR-TV during the release of weather Josh judge (Josh Judge) the image appeared… a big shaggy dog. He’s not paying any attention to anyone, walked behind the lead past the background pictures.

— Chvostek (@petexperiment) May 11, 2018

“I, as usual, spent his morning edition of the weather forecast, when suddenly noticed that passed me the dog. I even had to make a small pause, I just could not believe my eyes and thought “is There really a dog?””, says the leading.

The dog named Bella belongs colleague Josh Amy Savino. Pet was in the Studio during the live broadcast and at some point decided to walk.

During the download an error has occurred.

“I was afraid that Josh would be mad at me dog and I will get in trouble at work commented to mistress Bella. — But Josh is a real Pro. We worked with him for 10 years, he just decided that the dog became a thing of the forecast”.

The audience also appreciated fashion shows Bella, and have commented extensively on this issue.

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