A recipe for victory at the Eurovision song contest: sing about sad things, and preferably in d minor

A recipe for victory at the Eurovision song contest: sing about sad things, and preferably in d minor

At Eurovision glory dynamic and vibrant competition where all the glitters and all the jumping around the stage. But it seems that the secret of victory at the Eurovision song contest is to be in sorrow.

We analyzed all the songs participating in the contest since 2006, in an attempt to answer the actual question — is there any recipe of a victory on “Eurovision”?

And was suddenly melancholy, it seems, really sold well: eight of the last 12 contests, the winner song was sadder than average.

And Yes, if you’re wondering, who won last year’s song of El Salvador Gathered was the most sad of all analyzed among the winners — although to understand this, a special analysis is not needed.

Songs in the Eurovision song contest has consistently become more and more melancholic, and attendees of this year by as much as 30% sadder than in 2006.

We can assume that they caught the signal that sadness brings more votes.

But if you strongly believe that Eurovision should be only cheerful tunes for you all is not lost.

Some winners consistently give joyful motives, and still get first place, the most famous of them — Lena with the song Satellite in 2010 or c Lordi song Hard Rock Hallelujah in 2006.

We studied the “cheerfulness” of songs with a number called musical valence. This feature use streaming services for recommendations of new music to users.

Which songs are the most joyful?

The assessment of valence is based on tonality, harmony and rhythm of the song. However, the text did not taken into account.

“We appreciate the form of sound vibrations, says Eliot van Buskirk analyzing data in the streaming service Spotify. — The song Happy (happy, joyful — approx. Bi-bi-si) Pharrell Williams is an incredibly high level of valence as expected, despite the fact that the algorithm for determining the valence has no idea what the song is literally called Happy”.