Unreal beauty: how digital models are conquering the world

Unreal beauty: how digital models are conquering the world

As virtual models capture Instagram.

In the era of digitization and social networks to conventional models now are nothing new — now in the trend model virtual. Girls whose appearance was created with the help of computer technology, have their own instagram and a small army of loyal subscribers. What model has gained a million followers, why would their creators break the accounts to each other and where does cultural appropriation, read in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

Model, singer and simply beautiful

Instagram account of Lil Michela was a sensation from the moment of its registration in April 2016, users wondered whether the model of a real girl or just a digital project. The fact that Michela leads are so “human” way of life that you begin to think about its reality.

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Profile Michela says that she is 19. She is an American of Brazilian origin, who according to legend lives in Los Angeles.

At the moment virtual model has 1.1 million subscribers who closely follow the adventures of Lilo Michela. She travels, is photographed in the clothing brand and meets with real people — musicians and designers.

Communication with Bohemia has clearly left its mark on the girl’s life — she is not only model but also a singer whose songs you can easily find and listen online.

In addition, in January 2018 Lil Michela has appeared in the centerfold of the very real journal Paper.

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In addition to fans, Lil Michela, there are critics disparagingly call it a “cyborg”.

It, or rather its Creator, whose identity remains a secret, blame the fact that it promotes content that has no relationship to reality.

Michela leads the way of life that can be called “glamorous” — in fact it never works, but always looks perfect.

Such claim to the Instagram model looks at least hypocritical. As a rule, the usual “human” accounts attract followers in much the same way — authors publish pictures of a beautiful life, and the imperfections of the appearance or landscape in the background mask filters. Any photo that is published in Instagram, rarely reflects the reality, and it does not matter who it is a real person or virtual.

A supporter of trump and hacker

In mid-April, the world suddenly learned about the new digital models — the blonde girl named Bermuda. The girl became famous suddenly hacked account Lil Michela, placing there your photos. Under one of the selfie Bermuda announced that Michela is “fake and a big liar”.