The defense Ministry announced the development of methods to monitor nuclear tests

The defense Ministry announced the development of methods to monitor nuclear tests

MOSCOW, may 11 — RIA Novosti. Russian military experts in the field of control of nuclear tests, note the presence abroad, improving development with the purpose of concealing nuclear explosions, so in the Russian Federation to develop new methods of tracking such events, said in an interview with RIA Novosti head of the special control Service (SSK) Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Colonel Igor Tokarev.

He recalled that in accordance with the Treaty banning nuclear weapon tests in the atmosphere, in outer space and under water of a country with nuclear weapons, began to carry out only underground nuclear explosions can be detected solely by means of seismic monitoring.

Discreetly to carry out such tests technically easier, and development in this direction are being improved.Igor Tokarevnikolai SSK of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

According to him, are used, for example, features such as maximum power reduction of nuclear warheads, increased accuracy of delivery does not affect their combat effectiveness; testing of geological formations, reducing the intensity of formation of seismic waves; an increase in the depth of laying the charge to exclude the possibility of release of radioactive products.

Also tests can be performed in seismically active areas, where the background of natural tectonic processes (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions) recognition of nature of seismic source (IDs) becomes a very difficult scientific and practical problem, which is solved by the experts who have unique knowledge and experience.Igor Tokarevnikolai SSK Ministry of defense HnavochNot a veiled threat: the most powerful weapon of Russia

Improving the scientific methods of verification of nuclear tests carried out by the research center of special control, the head of the SSK. In addition, developing new specific methods of control of any nuclear activities, and as models are used as geophysical sources of natural origin, and earthquakes, in particular, and the explosions of conventional explosives, said Tokarev.

The special control service, 13 may 1958, part of the 12th Main Directorate of the defense Ministry Central military authority for the implementation of the nuclear military-technical policy of the state and the nuclear support of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Running SSK operates and develops system long-range detection of nuclear tests.