Posner announced the withdrawal from the HRC after Shevchenko

Posner announced the withdrawal from the HRC after Shevchenko

TV presenter Vladimir Pozner has announced its decision to withdraw from the Council on human rights (HRC) under the President of Russia. About this he wrote on Instagram. Mr. Posner comes from the Council for the second time.

“I finally realized that, to my deep regret, the HRC is not an independent organization (obviously, since he’s “the presidential”), but it has no real effect and is purely decorative in nature,” wrote Vladimir Pozner.

He noted that seceded from the Council “not as Maxim Shevchenko, without slamming the door and declarations”. “Obviously, Maxim Shevchenko suffered the same disappointment as his time is upon me. But he said in a loud voice that I feel sincere respect,” wrote Mr. Posner.

The journalist recalled that the first time left and HRC is still “in those years when it was headed by the current head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova”. When Mrs. Pamfilova in 2011, was replaced by Mikhail Fedotov, Vladimir Pozner was asked to bring it back.

Journalist Maxim Shevchenko has decided to leave the HRC after the failure of the Council to hold a meeting on the results of the protests on 5 may. According to the portal “OVD-info”, during rallies in 27 cities was detained 1597 participants. In the dispersal of the shares, in addition to police, was attended by detachments of Cossacks.