Over the past eight months in Mexico killed nearly a hundred politicians

Over the past eight months in Mexico killed nearly a hundred politicians

A total of 93 policy 15 of them over the last month — were killed in Mexico in the eve of the General elections to be held in the country on 1 July. This is with reference to Ruben Salazar, Director of the analytical Agency Etellekt, may 10, wrote the newspaper Clarin.

According to Salazar, the current violence on the eve of elections — the most violent in the country’s history since 1994. In 1994 in Mexico killed Louis, Donald, Colosio, the presidential candidate of the Institutional revolutionary party, and in 2010 was killed Rodolfo Torre Cantu, Governor of Tamaulipas from the ruling party.

29 from the Mexican politicians were killed in the period from September 8, 2017 to may 8, was going to run for election, and six people have already registered as candidates.

Among the victims of the killers — 12 city mayors. Four of them were going to run or already registered candidates for the upcoming elections. .

66% percent of the murders occurred at approximately the same scenario: a group of armed men shot at politicians, often method of killing was cruel, before his death, people were tortured.

In the coming July General elections held in Mexico in an atmosphere of unprecedented violence: in 2017 in the country, were killed not less than 29 thousand people, a record for the last 20 years.

General elections will be held in Mexico on 1 July. Will be elected President, 500 deputies and 128 members of the Senate. More will be the election of eight governors, the Governor of Mexico, local deputies and about 1,600 mayors.

Elected on this day, MPs, senators and the President will in the future be elected for a second term — for the first time in the history of Mexico. However, current President Enrique peña Nieto will not be able to run for a second term in accordance with the Constitution of the country.

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